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Respect. Honesty. Kindness. Service. I believe these virtues and try to live by them every day. It is hard sometimes as we all know that life happens but I try to see the good in everything I think, say or do. The world is waiting for me to explore it and I am here. I am… Continue reading About Me

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Seasons Change, so must we…

Did you ever wonder what it would be like if the seasons never change? That would get old very quickly... fall never comes with new colors or smells, winter never arrives with all of its cold and snow, spring stays away with rain and new blooms, and summer is just hot and humid with no cooling… Continue reading Seasons Change, so must we…

Soul Serching

Serially Lost: A Perfect Family – Part 1

We were happy, living on the lake, in the country with nature. That is how I fell in love with the outdoors. We always had animals in the yard like raccoons, deer, birds, bears, everything. We lived on a lake with beautiful sunsets, trees galore, and not very many neighbors so it was pretty quite.… Continue reading Serially Lost: A Perfect Family – Part 1


Fall Evening

It was an awesome evening last night, I just had to go take pictures. Sun was just setting, temperature was perfect, and everything was quite. The lake was like glass...colors are coming. I was the only one on the bridge and the way the sun was setting, it looked like it could have gone for… Continue reading Fall Evening

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People’s Organics

My husband and I went to this cafe just for a bite to eat, and oh my gosh...the best food ever! I had the breakfast burrito and after I ate that, I was stuffed. So much food (I know it doesn't look like much) all organic, and the taste was amazing. You could really taste… Continue reading People’s Organics

Soul Serching

Hi Neighbors

Follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs…well, I was just looking through blogs this morning and started following Blossoms in Spring, Faiza Moghal, Kelzbelz Photography, Soul Eatin Recipes and State of My Heart.  Wow, such an amazing websites…Now for the five topics…I like food, photography, family, positive & uplifting quotes, and… Continue reading Hi Neighbors

Soul Serching

Commit to a Writing Practice

This is really about setting goals. Mine is getting through blogging 101 & writing 101 with a better perspective of life and to experience others out there. But most of all, leaning to write and communicate better through writing. So we are supposed to commit to a writing practice from today including the frequency and… Continue reading Commit to a Writing Practice

Soul Serching

A Room with a View

It was 2003, Clearwater, Florida, on the beach. I was with my friends that I lived with while working at Disney World, our day off and just had to go to the beach. But not any beach, the Clearwater beach. The reason for that is the sand was pure white, water was clear as day… Continue reading A Room with a View

Soul Serching

Title and Tagline

I wanted to reinvent my tag line but it is perfect at what it is… “Respect. Honesty. Kindness. Service.” Those are the 4 virtues in life that we should live by. But my title of my blog (besides my name…) is still not quite right and I haven’t found or felt anything that sticks out.… Continue reading Title and Tagline

Recipes, Yum!

Just Bare Chicken

  Last night my husband made chicken and vegetables. But not just any chicken.."just bare" chicken. It was so good, he is an awesome cook. Here's what you will need: 1 just bare whole chicken 1/2 half yellow onion 1/2 half sweet potato or yam 2 baby red potatoes 3 organic carrots Pre-heat the oven… Continue reading Just Bare Chicken