About Me

Respect. Honesty. Kindness. Service. I believe these virtues and try to live by them every day. It is hard sometimes as we all know that life happens but I try to see the good in everything I think, say or do. The world is waiting for me to explore it and I am here. I am … More About Me

Fall Evening

It was an awesome evening last night, I just had to go take pictures. Sun was just setting, temperature was perfect, and everything was quite. The lake was like glass…colors are coming. I was the only one on the bridge and the way the sun was setting, it looked like it could have gone for … More Fall Evening

Hi Neighbors

Follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs…well, I was just looking through blogs this morning and started following Blossoms in Spring, Faiza Moghal, Kelzbelz Photography, Soul Eatin Recipes and State of My Heart.  Wow, such an amazing websites…Now for the five topics…I like food, photography, family, positive & uplifting quotes, and … More Hi Neighbors

Title and Tagline

I wanted to reinvent my tag line but it is perfect at what it is… “Respect. Honesty. Kindness. Service.” Those are the 4 virtues in life that we should live by. But my title of my blog (besides my name…) is still not quite right and I haven’t found or felt anything that sticks out. … More Title and Tagline

Just Bare Chicken

  Last night my husband made chicken and vegetables. But not just any chicken..”just bare” chicken. It was so good, he is an awesome cook. Here’s what you will need: 1 just bare whole chicken 1/2 half yellow onion 1/2 half sweet potato or yam 2 baby red potatoes 3 organic carrots Pre-heat the oven … More Just Bare Chicken