Soul Serching

A Room with a View

It was 2003, Clearwater, Florida, on the beach. I was with my friends that I lived with while working at Disney World, our day off and just had to go to the beach. But not any beach, the Clearwater beach. The reason for that is the sand was pure white, water was clear as day and it was beautiful. As we pulled up and parked the car, you could see out the window the Gulf of Mexico…now there is a view. All of us who were from the mid-west were just in awe of everything. We took out beach towels, cooler with drinks and essentials to find just the right spot to lie out and soak up the sun. We could see the fishing pier people were on, the shacks on the beach selling novelties, and a few people already laying out. All of us were so excited that we were here and documented it with tons of pictures. Swimming was the first thing on our list to do, so we started in the water and it was so warm…felt like bath water! We could see the little fish in the shore line people on their wake boards enjoying the waves…oh so relaxing. At one point we decided to walk out on the pier and at the end of it, we could see in the distance a pirate ship giving tours and dolphins following behind! Oh, it was amazing. What I would give to go back there again…Best beach ever!!!


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