Soul Serching

Commit to a Writing Practice

This is really about setting goals. Mine is getting through blogging 101 & writing 101 with a better perspective of life and to experience others out there. But most of all, leaning to write and communicate better through writing. So we are supposed to commit to a writing practice from today including the frequency and the time it takes to write and using that moving forward (they suggested a minimum of uninterrupted 15 minutes per day). I think I can handle that…So I am sharing that with the world who wants to ready my blog that I will spend at least 15 minutes per day writing and trying to get that on my website every day or every other day if I don’t have time or not able to because of internet connection. I plan on blogging about food and my travels (when I do…) and random pictures that I take or think are beautiful. This should be a piece of cake right? Well, we’ll just have to see about that.

 Writing about 3 songs that are important in my life may sounds easy but not really. Because I can only think of 2 right now, no I take that back, there are 3. Boy you really have to think about it don’t you. Right off the top of my head, 2 songs came to mind because they are both by the same artist that are brand new and I have the lyrics written down so that I remember them. Colbie Caillat has the most amazing voice and I love her songs…she just came out with a new album called “Gypsy Heart” and on there “Try” and “Live It Up” are my 2 most favorite songs. Reason why is that “Try” inspires us to recognize that we are beautiful as we are and we don’t have to get all dolled up to be beautiful…we already are and we have to accept that and love ourselves as we are, just as God created us to be. “Live It Up” is saying just to live, don’t worry about what people think about you or what you think about yourself. Get out of your comfort zone and live your life while you still can. Now for the third song that I had to think about was “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra. My husband gave this single CD to me as a gift on Valentine’s Day after we got married. He loves the Rat Pack because that is what he grew up with from his parents and after a while, it grew on me too. But it was a few years ago (like 9 years) so it took me a little while to remember but the lyrics are so beautiful and mean so much to me.


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