Soul Serching

Serially Lost: A Perfect Family – Part 1

We were happy, living on the lake, in the country with nature. That is how I fell in love with the outdoors. We always had animals in the yard like raccoons, deer, birds, bears, everything. We lived on a lake with beautiful sunsets, trees galore, and not very many neighbors so it was pretty quite. There was just something about it that was peaceful and relaxing. It was just me, my sister and our parents. We weren’t a big family but loved each other very much and did everything together. We lived in a small town, went to a small school and went on vacations. Our extended family had lots of get togethers that we went to when I was younger. It was a lot of fun.


It seemed like our life was simple and perfect, a perfect childhood. I had lots of friends I hung out with and had tons of parties. The best part of living on the lake was that everyone wanted to come over and go water skiing and tubing, it was so much fun. The best part about it was one of our neighbors that lived in the cities and always came up to their cabin every summer. They had one daughter who we always played with until it got dark almost every day. Oh it was so much fun…until something happened. I was only 10 but remember that day when they told us. We were moving…as a little kid, that’s not what you want to hear. It’s devastating, losing your home you grew up in, leaving your friends, changing schools. And that wasn’t the worst part; we were moving two states away. This wasn’t like moving across town, it was across two states!

mom iphone photos 011

I had to start all over, new home, new school, new life…I know I was only 10 but still, when you are a kid, it’s a big deal. So we got settled, found some new friends, new church. It was okay, I survived. When you fast forward 10 years, we moved again, graduated high school, enrolled in college, and engaged. So you can say it went just fine, really didn’t hurt me in the long run. I had a pretty good life, until after I got married and my parents had no more kids at home, then things went downhill from there…


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