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Tuesday Sunrises/Sunsets…because we all know what Monday Mornings bring!

I want to try something different. I know our work week starts on Mondays, but sometimes Mondays can be a bit hectic and we are always not looking forward to what they bring. I want to show sunrises and sunsets on Tuesday. It’s different, unique, beautiful. Try it, take a picture of your sunrise or sunset and label it with either sunrise or sunset and if you want to put in a location of where you took it, great, if not, no problem. Post it in the comments section below, then I will make sure it gets posted here every Tuesday…

photo 5 (2)
Tuesday Sunrise, R. Knutson

…here’s the first one, my Tuesday sunrise…unfiltered, unchanged…

What does your Tuesday mornings and evenings look like?


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Sunrises/Sunsets…because we all know what Monday Mornings bring!”

  1. Beautiful photo! And great idea. I’m afraid that the weather forecast indicates that I won’t see much sunrise or sunset in the next weeks. Since yesterday I see only rain…
    I’m a fan of both moments for photography though. Have a good day!


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