Inspired . . ., Soul Serching, Tao Te Ching Journey

Self Manifestation

What does this really mean? What is manifestation? Why should we care? Who does it effect?

When this term came up in my life, it didn’t really understand it. I had a lot of questions about self manifestation that I really needed to dive right into finding the true meaning and why it is important, not just for myself but for everyone else in the world.

Sometimes my emotions get the best of me and really take over where I become a “drama queen” about something that is nothing. It really is embarrassing after the fact for me and I just can’t seem to control it when it actually happens.  This is where my journey to self manifestation needs to take place, to help guide me and center me into a state of peace. Which is why I am in the process of taking this Tao Te Ching Journey as you can see under my Inspirational Thoughts page. It’s a journey that is long over due and one that I believe we all need to take periodically in life to help us remember where we came from who we are and what we want to be as a person.

I know that some of you this may not apply but it maybe helpful to someone else out there in the world. I know we all suffer from something or we want what someone else has. But for me this is a “growing up” phase in my life that I just need to take. I pray that if you are going through something of the same, that this may help guide you or inspire you to do the same or find something that works for you. Remember to keep an open mind as I have learned…It really helps you seem what is the real meaning in life and how to find it by any means necessary.

So come and follow me if you want with my self manifestation path of life.

~ Namaste



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