Tao Te Ching Journey

6th Verse – Tao Te Ching

The spirit that never dies is called the mysterious feminine. Although she becomes the whole universe, her immaculate purity is never lost. Although she assumes countless forms, her true identity remains intact.

The gateway to the mysterious female is called the root of creation.

Listen to her choice, hear it echo through creation. Without fail, she reveals her presence. Without fail, she brings us to our own perfection. Although it is invisible, it endures; it will never end.

~Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life by Dr. Wayne Dyer

What does this mean? Is she everywhere? Do we know her? Why called feminine? Is it mother nature? Spirit?

All we know is that this world we inhabit today is a living and breathing thing. We keep discovering what’s below the surface, what we cannot see, and what is present just is. I don’t think we have to be scholars to dive into this verse to know the true meaning. It is very simple…

In Wayne Dyer’s book, he states a poem from the 14th-century Sufi poet Hafiz:

Just sit there right now
Don’t do a thing
Just rest.

For your separation from God,
From love,

Is the hardest work
In this

We must reconnect with God, Source, Spirit as we were created in His image, we are from Him. Embrace this moment and just be.



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