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I Need A Fresh Start – by Lara Casey


“I Need A Fresh Start” by Lara Casey is an article on Proverbs 31 Ministries.  As I was reading this article that she wrote, I realized that I fall into this category almost every day. How hard is it to remember that we start fresh every day? God gave us this gift of being in Christ and it is hard for any of us to remember that we need to give up our control and let Him be in the lead.

Lara also talks about letting go of control and how she realized the more she had control, the more it was depriving her of her life. We all have to realize what we are in control of and what we are not. We need to let it go and trust HIm. That always reminds me of that song from Disney’s Frozen, Let It Go. Wayne Dyer also talks about “let go and let God”. I have practiced this and let me tell you, it’s not always easy. Just like Lara said “I was so afraid to let go. I was afraid of more pain. I was afraid my life would never be the same.”  

This is a great article and I have it pinned, bookmarked and printed out so that it can remind me what I need to do to start fresh every day. I subscribed to her website to receive email updates from her and you can sign up too here. She is a wonderful and inspiring lady that I find inspiration from every week. Thanks to Lara Casey for achieving her dreams and showing us that it is possible for all of us to do the same.


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