Bucket List ?

Ok, who has a bucket list? Really? I know that I never made one and still don’t have one. I don’t know why, procrastination, not interested, too busy to make one or even think about what I would want to do before I die. I understand the logic behind the list but diving deeper into the meaning is the understanding that it really doesn’t matter. It is just a list to make us do things instead of sitting around. I would consider it more like goals for you life. We all know that sometimes we don’t always reach our goals but sometimes we do. Now, I know that not all of have the time or resources to do these extravagant things on “bucket lists”. (I know that I don’t.)  Maybe that is why I am so content with what I have and live today as if it was my last day here. I think it is a good motto. Just my thoughts, what’s yours?


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