Worry Free Monday

Worry Free Monday 1/11/16

Welcome back all! I hope you had a wonderful week and weekend. I know that I did except I was cold, arctic cold…. Our temperature high’s this weekend was -4 below zero! I also was able to relax and crank out my 2016 goals that are realistic and not fantasy. I must say I was pretty impressed with myself of actually completing the task. That is amazing since I really haven’t put any effort into this in years before.

No getting back to our worries, you can read my last post here about writing down your worries and seeing if they hold up through out the week. Here are mine from last week:

  1. Is anyone going to read this post and agree with me or am I just shooting this from the hip. I am not ever sure if people read my blog but still is a good way for me to “journal” publicly to hold myself accountable.
  2. I haven’t received my bills I normally get to pay by this time. I hope I have enough time to get them in on time.
  3. We are re-doing a room in the house as a home office (Finally!) but is it going to look right or turn out the way I picture it verses my husband?
  4. What am I going to make for dinner this week?
  5. I have some appointments during this week, I have to make sure I leave in time to get there on time.

Well, here are the truths that came this week regarding my worries.

About people reading my posts and agreeing with me or not, I shouldn’t be so focused on getting people to read my posts and agree with me. It is their choice whether they read it or not. I can write about what I think, love, and want but will make adjustments to my audience when time comes. I have a bad habit of looking at stats and numbers and get discouraged if there is not a lot. I have got to stop that, anyone else feel that with yours? I still feel that this is a good writing tool and accountability tool for me to continue to learn and gain knowledge. So my worry #1? FALSE

Whether my bills come or go, they always will get paid. We have something call the internet with online billing. I can just look it up and pay it then. I love that feature, or just call the company and stop procrastinating….bad habit also.  My worry #2? FALSE

Redoing a home, room, or whatever you have to have compromise, plus most importantly you have to stick with your budget. So who cares what it looks like in the end, as long as it comes under budget, it will be beautiful. Don’t be so dramatic about little things. My worry #3? FALSE

Yeah, dinner was a good question but in the end, food was made, didn’t necessary care for some of it…but how can you when you are trying to eat healthy, maintain a budget for food, and cook & clean all the time? You just do it, no complaining…this task will never end!!! It will always be there as long as you are alive, you must eat. My worry #4? FALSE

So the appointments I had last week went well, so well that the people I met with screwed up and not me! What a relief…it all worked out…imagine that? ! 🙂 It’s a funny thing when you worry so much about something and in the end, you can’t believe how smoothly it went or how you got through it without even a problem. Life can be what we make of it. If you think bad, negative thoughts, that is how life will treat you. But if you think good, positive thoughts, then life will be kind to you.

Okay, worries that I have this week:

  1. I am going to be so busy this week I won’t know what to do with life.
  2. What food am I going to buy to make it through the week…what recipes do I have with what food I have in my pantry, what do I need to get?
  3. Try not to worry about little things…what are the little things I don’t have to worry about?
  4. Will the car start in the morning like it didn’t this morning?

So far, this is what I’ve got. How did you do? Did your worries hold up to truth? Do you have new worries or the same like me? Keep up the good work, try not to worry this week, for all will work out in the end but some way or form…



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