Writer’s Quote Wednesday ~ 1/13/16


My entry for Silver Threading’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday is as follows:

photo credit: Kurt Iswarienko, www.huffingtonpost.com

Colbie Caillat is a great American pop singer/songwriter. With her new album Gypsy Heart side A that came out earlier last year (2015),  there were a few songs that touch my heart and gave me courage to know that everything is going to be okay. Also that I am okay with myself for who I am and who cares what people think about me. One of those songs was “Live It Up”. You can listen to it here:

The lyrics of the song really give me the confidence to just live. Not to be scared of life, just powerful words:

A thousand people stood in line
To hear a couple words of mine
Afraid I would miss a beat
And everyone is watching me
I don’t know why I’m still afraid
It’s not like it was yesterday
I’m the one stopping me
From all the I want to be

It’s ridiculous
The stars are inconspicuous
I told myself this can’t be how I think
It’s irrational
It seems so supernatural
I’m happy every after all I’ve seen

I’m unstoppable
I drop kick impossible
I Live it up up up
Live it up up up
I break down the walls
I back up, smashing ball
I Live it up up up
Live it up up up
Ooh ooh
Live it up up up
Ooh ooh
Live it up up up

Don’t know why my stomach drops
Like jumping off my old town
I used to be fearless when I had my safety ness
Wake up…

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