Tao Te Ching Journey

15th Verse – Tao Te Ching

The ancient masters were profound and subtle.
Their wisdom was unfathomable.
There is no way to describe it.
One can only describe them vaguely by their appearance.

Watchful, like men crossing a winter stream.
Alert, like men aware of danger.
Simple as uncarved wood.
Hollow like caves.
Yielding, like ice about to melt.

Amorphous, like muddy water.
But the muddiest water clears
as it is stilled.
And out of that stillness
life arises.

He who keeps the Tao does not want to be full.
But precisely because he is nerve full,
he can remain like a hidden sprout
and does not rush to early ripening.

~ Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer called this verse “Living an Unhurried Life”. He goes on to mention that … “These descriptors paint a picture of those who live unhurriedly but are also in a profoundly aware state.” This verse coincides with Psalms 46:10:

Be still and know that I am God.

When I was reading through Wayne’s words of what he thinks this verse means, I found a new tag line for my blog, be a piece of “uncarved wood” stay in a creative, simple state. That’s what we all are here on this earth for. We all are pieces of uncarved wood trying to make it through life! But everyone has their own opinion on how they themselves should live. This verse is all about stillness but yet being aware.

Watchful, like men crossing a winter stream.
Alert, like men aware of danger.
Simple as uncarved wood.

Now just think about that, how on earth do we do that? With our everyday responsibilities, kids, work, family, friends, sports, appointments, etc… I mean the list goes on and on. But how do we quiet ourselves enough to be still but yet be aware of our surroundings? Practice, practice, practice. You plan your time, whether it be 5, 10 or 30 minutes a day, whatever you have time for. Then you go into nature or listen to nature sounds while your eyes are closed. You sit in stillness reconnecting with God, Spirit, Nature, whatever you call the I AM and you listen to your soul. It takes time but once you get there you just know it.

Wayne Dyer also stated in his book that Lao Tzu, if alive today, would say something like this:

Stop chasing you dreams.

Wayne went on to say this (these words are so powerful I had to add them here):

Allow them to come to you in perfect order with unquestioned timing. Slow down your frantic pace and practice being hollow like the cave and open to all possibilities like the uncarved wood. Make stillness a regular part of your daily practice. Imagine all that you’d like to experience in life and then let go. Trust the Tao to work in Divine perfection, as it does with everything on the planet. You don’t really need to rush or force anything. Be an observer and receiver rather than the pushy director of your life. It is through this unhurried unfolding that you master your existence in the way of the Tao.

Wow! Trusting the Tao takes courage and a force inside you to keep you continuing that courage. Take head to those words, think about it, be still with it, and really apply it to your life. I know I am and I thinks it is a great way to live, I just have to keep remembering to do that, darn brain…. 🙂

~ Namastee


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