Tuesday Chatter

Tuesday Chatter – 1

Thanks to BrewNSpew, I have to follow in her footsteps of Tuesday Chatter. Just random stories, ideas, issues about every day life or not at all. Because of the Blizzard of 2016 this past weekend, I thought I would comment on that.

If you type in #Blizzard2016, lots of images and articles will come up on Google. Here are a few that I thought were cute, amazing, and just like huh?

iso.500px.com * 35-photos-of-blizzard2016-burying-new-york-city


www.techeblog.com * snowboarding-times-square-blizzard
www.techeblog.com * snowboarding-times-square-blizzard
wjla.com * shoveling out car
wjla.com * shoveling out car

Now I must say, most if not all of them were pretty amazing. People of the east coast out did themselves with sharing photos of the big snow storm. I was watching the news last night and saw that there were some records of snow fall broken. WUSA 9 showed the totals here and it was pretty amazing to see. OMG was Instagram full of pictures! I love winter when you get a lot of snow, it reminds me of my childhood. Now where I live, we don’t get much snow, it varies year by year. However Michigan gets the lake effect snow and just as much as the east coast just got but I remember it came all winter long.

Oh to be young again, have snow days at school and play outside when the temperatures were decent that we all could stay outside for an hour without freezing your bums off! Oh those were the days. Now being an adult, more responsibilities. I did get a chance to shovel out my driveway last night. We weren’t even close to the east coast but we did see about 4-5 inches of snow. I can feel my back from it last night too! Like I said, oh to be a kid again. Where do you all live? How much snow if any did you get? Or do you have sun and palm trees?


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Chatter – 1”

  1. Great pics! Its funny for before if you would have said 4-5 inches of snow, I would have been like that is a decent amount. Now considering the storm we just had it made me laugh 🙂 But that is usually what we get. This year has just been CRAZY, for we had NO snow at all and unusually warm temps until this week-end! As one friend posted on FB, “Winter came! All in one week-end!”

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