Writers Quote Wednesday

Writer’s Quote Wednesday ~ 1/27/16

My entry for Silver Threading’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday is as follows:


Such a good Proverb to follow. As we are continuing our 2016 year and this life, I am finding out that positive is the common theme among people and blog’s I read these days. They all talk about being negative and how it is going to hurt you and to focus on positivity and surrounding yourself with positive people. It states it clear here in Proverbs 13:20. Just a thought, you test it and see what you want to do… 🙂

By rknutson1104

...being open-minded, being still, allowing your life to happen...

4 replies on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday ~ 1/27/16”

You are absolutely right! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading. I always thought everyone knew about being positive and think how the world is so negative. I guess I just need to keep reminding people of that. A little bit helps each week 🙂

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Don’t let the negativity grab you! Negativity is the FOOD of fools. You are wise to see the difference. Why would you wallow in self-loathing and be depressed by the negativity in the world? Spread joy by showing compassion and love and you will soon look the other way from the negatives. You picked an excellent quote. ❤


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