Writers Quote Wednesday 2/24/16

Silver Threading Writers Quote Wednesday entry is a quote that reminds us about how Coco Chanel lived. She lived from 1883 to 1971 in France, creating the little black dress, Chanel fragrance, and trademark suites. She had a rough childhood after her mother passed away but gained the skill of sewing from nuns who had… Continue reading Writers Quote Wednesday 2/24/16

Writers Quote Wednesday

Writer’s Quote Wednesday – 2/17/16

My entry for Silver Threading's Writer's Quote Wednesday is as follows: I am in the middle of reading Lara Casey's book, Make It Happen and read this so true quote. I had to share this with the cute cat trying its hardest to get up on this rope. Seeing this crazy world we live in,… Continue reading Writer’s Quote Wednesday – 2/17/16

Tao Te Ching Journey

16th Verse – Tao Te Ching

Become totally empty. Let your heart be at peace. Admits the rush of worldly comings and goings, observe how endings become beginnings. Things flourish, each by each, only to return to the Source . . . to what is and what is to be. To return to the root is to find peace. To find… Continue reading 16th Verse – Tao Te Ching

Worry Free Monday

Worry Free Monday 2/22/16 ~ Motivation

Society has a lot of pressure on them to be something that they may not be. Then their goals get adjusted to be more like society's goals. Encouragement for young girls with goals today is tricky.   Steps of Bravery wrote a letter regarding this issue. I hope that it will give you all hope in… Continue reading Worry Free Monday 2/22/16 ~ Motivation

Writers Quote Wednesday

Writer’s Quote Wednesday ~ 2/3/16

My entry for Silver Threading's Writer's Quote Wednesday is as follows: We all have those times in our lives where friends come and go from our childhood to adulthood. Here is a wonderful quote that really hit me about friendship. I paired it with a coffee photo because it is always best to meet your friends over… Continue reading Writer’s Quote Wednesday ~ 2/3/16

Tuesday Chatter

Tuesday Chatter – 2

After having two cups of coffee breakfast and now in the middle of lunch, I have discovered something. Spring is almost here and I am itching for it to arrive. Oh how I want warm temperatures to come quickly. I am ready to wear short sleeve shirts, shorts, and sandals once again... I have had… Continue reading Tuesday Chatter – 2

Worry Free Monday

Worry Free Monday 2/1/16 ~ Motivation

Today I read my verse of the day and this one was it: This verse is so powerful to know even in our darkest hour that He is still there even if we can't feel or hear Him. For worries that I have this week is just about making sure I don't worry.  I am… Continue reading Worry Free Monday 2/1/16 ~ Motivation