Tuesday Chatter

Tuesday Chatter – 2

After having two cups of coffee breakfast and now in the middle of lunch, I have discovered something. Spring is almost here and I am itching for it to arrive. Oh how I want warm temperatures to come quickly. I am ready to wear short sleeve shirts, shorts, and sandals once again… I have had my fill of cold temps, wind, and ice… I guess once you get older you start to loose that instinct to go play outside all winter long.

I mean, when you were a kid, don’t you remember that time when you were either at school or home and at the first snow fall you couldn’t wait to get outside and play? I bet your parents couldn’t even keep you in the house long enough to get all of your snow gear on you (like my parents) or if you were at school you couldn’t wait until recess time? Yeah, that was me, many, many years ago….

Now, when it snows I look at the forecast and ask, how much are we getting? is it going to be icy? now I have to go and shovel the sidewalk and driveway… how cold is it going to get? is it going to freeze? how early am I going to have to leave for work in the morning? The complete opposite of a kid’s perspective of the snow fall. What happens to our perspective when we get to adulthood? Why does our outlook change so much, from one extreme to another? I think it is because we grow up and take on more responsibilities. It’s looked upon more seriously as adults because we know way too much. And that could be good or it could be bad… All depends on the circumstance.

Thanks to BrewNSpew for letting me chime in on Tuesday Chatter.


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