Phone Venting – Where is the REAL anymore?

I had my mind just exploding this afternoon with words that I just need to write down on paper, yep, real paper with a real pen. (I don’t mean to offend anyone but am just wondering where the REAL is.)

Have you noticed that there are more people attached to their phones lately? Every time I am out in public or driving, it seems like everyone is on their phone. Sometimes it is so bad I just want to take a megaphone and yell “GET OFF YOUR PHONE!!!” to those who are driving and texting at the same time, it disgusts me and is not worth anyone’s life. But seriously, we spend way too much time on the tech devices. Where is the handwritten notes or letters anymore? Where is the face to face chat? Where did talking with people using no phones in person go? Is it just me or am I getting older? I hope it’s not just me feeling like social media apps have taken over people.

Back in my days (which may not seem so long ago, but is so long ago), we were taught how to write with penmanship in school. How to write your name and sign your name. Does anyone know what that even is anymore? At my job, I read documents that are sometimes handwritten and I can just tell by looking whether or not they were taught this. It’s bad! We were taught how to respect those older than we were, mind our manners, and be kind and polite. Not sure where those people are either.

I mean listening to music on your phone while commuting to work is not a bad thing but do people realize how much time they spend on their phones doing other things during the entire day? Checking social media? Taking selfies of EVERYTHING, which by the way is overkill, playing phone games or reading books or articles where the print is so small, you either have to have reading glasses at every age or strain your eyes (and you are wondering why you have headaches all the time?). When I am observing these people, their heads keep going down to their phones lower and lower as the minutes go by not knowing what is happening. You think they are going to have some back, neck and eye issues when they get older? Absolutely!

The question is, why? Are we so caught up in making sure we can be perfect online but not in person? Live a fake life and look like we have it all together when really we don’t? Everyone has baggage that does not want the world to know about and we think it makes us weak.

Well, NEWS FLASH!! Nobody’s perfect!! Everyone has problems and issues. I bet you that those who are on social media, those who live there, don’t have any real close friends, true friends. Those you grew up with, had slumber parties with & shared every detail of their lives with each other, good or bad. I feel like in the current world when you put yourself out there, you have to hide who you truly are, make things up so people will like you and then do things you don’t like to to do just to fit in! I feel like I am back in high school again. Ugh … those were the days that I do not want to relive.

Well, that is my rant today, just saying what was bothering me. In reality, though, people on their phone constantly, not looking up, not knowing where they are walking and running into people, texting or typing a mile a minute need to wake up. There’s a much bigger world out there and it’s got real people having real conversations with each other.

***One challenge I suggest: put the phone down – including all technologies – for a weekend. That means no social media, no selfies, no email or work for 48 hours and just RELAX! Get outside, connecting with someone, have coffee with a real person and have a real conversation (since you can have one on social media just fine). See what happens, who knows, maybe you might just meet someone who may become a friend, or connect deeper with your already friend. But don’t post about it, it’s between the two of you. Don’t worry, I have to do this too. Everyone is guilty unless you do not have tech devices or cell phones, then you’re ok – there are those out there.

Does anyone else feel like this?


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