Summer Gardens

Oh how I will miss you gardens as we approach this winter. You were loved. Beautiful daisy’s. Love succulent plants. I can not remember the name of the flower but it was still too pretty to not miss. It was a nice sanctuary to be at peace with. Love these little flowers. Reminds me of … More Summer Gardens


What is it? Bubbles, balls, ornaments? With Christmas around the corner and Thanksgiving here next week, decorations are popping up everywhere and you are hearing the music. Snow is flying and you can smell the cinnamon, smells like grandma’s house when you were little. I though this was just a great abstract photo and loved … More Mystery


Nothing more than warmth by the fire during this cold season. Wishing all of you warm wishes during this holiday season.  

The Natural World

Beattle I know they are not the most beloved creatures but they are from the natural world we live in and should be appreciated. Look at it’s legs, it’s back, the wood it sits on. How extraordinary is something like this that is created? What do you think?


Connect is something that means to me, one with nature. Connect ourselves from where we came from. Embracing and thanking God for what he has given us and this tremendous beauty to enjoy.


When some ones says “what does your solitude look like?” I show them this:   It is curling up on the couch with a good cup of tea and admiring the peaceful sounds of quietness.


Bliss can mean a lot of things to many different people. I admire the uniqueness and the inspiration people get when the interpret their own bliss. I took these photos below a couple of years ago and really wondered how I got one to turned out they way it did. I was riding in the … More Bliss