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Phone Venting – Where is the REAL anymore?

I had my mind just exploding this afternoon with words that I just need to write down on paper, yep, real paper with a real pen. (I don't mean to offend anyone but am just wondering where the REAL is.) Have you noticed that there are more people attached to their phones lately? Every time… Continue reading Phone Venting – Where is the REAL anymore?

Tuesday Chatter

Tuesday Chatter – 2

After having two cups of coffee breakfast and now in the middle of lunch, I have discovered something. Spring is almost here and I am itching for it to arrive. Oh how I want warm temperatures to come quickly. I am ready to wear short sleeve shirts, shorts, and sandals once again... I have had… Continue reading Tuesday Chatter – 2

Tuesday Chatter

Tuesday Chatter – 1

Thanks to BrewNSpew, I have to follow in her footsteps of Tuesday Chatter. Just random stories, ideas, issues about every day life or not at all. Because of the Blizzard of 2016 this past weekend, I thought I would comment on that. If you type in #Blizzard2016, lots of images and articles will come up on… Continue reading Tuesday Chatter – 1